About Me

Hey There! My name is Kayla, and I am a Cincinnati based photographer born and raised on the West Side. I have always loved photography. When the lighting is just right, and the shot lines up, and you can feel the essence of the moment. When it all comes together for that perfect shot- it feels like magic to me. In 2021 shortly after having my son I decided to start chasing this passion of mine.  

So here I am. Learning and growing.

And chasing the magic.

When I am not behind the camera you may find me spending time with my handsome hubby, our sweet son, and our fur baby Penny. I love traveling! My favorite places I have been are Belize, Oaxaca, and the beautiful state of Oregon. Snorkeling is my favorite activity because I feel like a mermaid. If I am not exploring the world or snuggling with my fam you will likely find me in TJ Maxx buying an abundance of candles and kitchen towels that my husband says I don't need.

A few other random facts about me:

I love tacos. Like, a lot.

I married a chef and strongly believe that was the best decision I have ever made.

If we go to karaoke there is a 1000% chance I will sing "Gun Powder & Lead" by Miranda Lambert.